Thursday, September 24, 2009

Close of Service (COS)

Brittany, our new site mate who is located just 2km away at a local health center, was so helpful as we prepared for our departure. She's actually one of those volunteers with electricity, so we were able to use a laptop to write our final reports before we went into the office to close up business. She'll be our future connection to our village and will be able to give us updates.

Dora, our Associate Peace Corps Director of Education (APCD) reviewed our final reports,

Dr. Erfan, our Peace Corps Medical Officer (PCMO), collected "specimens,"

Vic, our country director (CD), signed off on our official Description of Service (DOS).

Peace, Roligs in Malawi. For more adventures with Brian and Kristy, please visit our new blog, Roligs in Minneapolis.

Print Pictures for Gifts: Check

We began taking pictures of our friends and colleagues in the village so we are able to make prints to give them as gifts. As we near our end of service, it seems that the time to run these little errands has creeped up on us.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

IGA Camp Pics

Instruction, Planning, and Modeling of Example Income Generating Activities


Chad visited! He enjoyed our village wine and a ride on the back of a World Relief International truck. We were taken to the vegetable garden that Chiyembekezo HIV+ Support Group is growing for added nutrition. We also visited the fabric market in the area he was supposed to be dropped off by his midnight bus.
Prerequisite photo at the PC/Malawi Office
Chad and Baxter at our home in the village
At the beach for book club

links to pics

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